Sasha Hollenbach

For some, cars and bikes are a means of transport and get you from point A to B. For me, they are a way of life, art, an obsession and provide a way to express one's individuality.

I love building cars and bikes. What started out as a high school hobby turned out to be a full time business by the time I finished my marketing degree.

I worked at a VW-based business for 7 years before starting Delux in 2000.

I specialise in aircooled VW and Porsches, however have expanded my repertoire to virtually all forms of chrome bumper motoring. This includes a variety of Vepas, Scooters and American classics.

In summary, building innovative and high quality cars and bikes is my passion. I enjoy interacting with my customers, discussing their projects and coming up with finished results that bring smiles to people's faces.

What We Do

From Hot Rods to early Porsches, Vintage bikes to sculptures and artwork featured in galleries throughout the world, Delux has and can create just about anything. The only limit is your imagination.

Together with a vast network of internal trades, Delux can cater for virtually all aspects of Kustom car building / restorations.

We pride ourselves on quality work, attention to detail, ideas and enthusiasm, We work closely with customers and continue to build individual, high quality cars, transforming mere transportation into rolling artwork.